Centaur Holdings appoints Group Head of Mining Operations

Wesley Grogor - Group Head of Mining Operations

Centaur Holdings Ltd, the global investment holding company, appoints Wesley Grogor to Group Head of Mining Operations.

Wesley will be based in Dubai and will oversee the resources and mining operations. Prior to joining Centaur he had his own mining services and management business in South Africa with an in-house team of engineers and commercial/technical specialists which have come across to join Centaur Mining. He has 12 years’ experience in the steel market, related raw materials and shipping. Wesley has previously worked at Macsteel International and shipping and commodity firm FIS.

Wesley’s responsibilities will include co-ordinating the development of all related activities, planning, budget preparation, scheduling, project design, liaisons with regulator and State authorities and to observe, analyse and implement the commissioning and production processes. In addition he will be building out the existing in-house team along with the outsourced specialists and contractors that Centaur Mining currently work with.

Commenting on the appointment, Centaur Group Chief Executive Officer, Daniel McGowan, said,

“We are pleased to welcome Wesley to the Centaur group and look forward to working with Wesley and his in-house team.

“Our mining interests span global interest and in particular we have a specific focus on developing operating assets and interests in sub Saharan Africa which Wesley will be part of. His knowledge and experience of South Africa and the coal markets will play an important part in our future growth and success.”

Published on: World Coal